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Endodontic Care or Root Canal

Endodontics speaks to infections within the pulp of a tooth. The endodontic procedure performed the most is the root canal, which requires the removal of diseased pulp from an infected tooth. While many people think a root canal is very painful, we use a number of methods to ensure that the patient remains at ease for the entire procedure. We often use a dental laser to prep and clean the infected tooth, which reduces the angst many patients associate with dental drilling. If a patient is especially nervous or sensitive, our dentist can use sedation dentistry to help the patient relax.

When the infected tooth pulp is removed, your dentist will repair and protect the infected tooth with a dental crown. With Endodontic therapy at Mile High Dental Centers, our patients can enjoy a healthy and attractive smile for years to come.

Root Canal Terminology

A root canal is the terminology used for the main canals within the root of a tooth. The root canal is part of the natural cavity inside the tooth that consists of the dental pulp chamber, the main canals, and at times more intricate anatomical branches that can connect the root canals to another root canal or to the root surface of the tooth. Root canals are filled with loose connective tissue called the dental pulp. The dental pulp can become infected, usually due to tooth fractures or caries that enable bacteria from the oral flora access to the pulp chamber or the root canals.   This infected tissue is removed by surgery known as endodontic therapy or in laymans terms a root canal.

How long does a Root Canal take      A root canal procedure is performed to remove damaged pulp from the affected tooth’s canals. The amount of time the procedure takes in order to remove the pulp and fill in the root canals varies based on the affected teeth. Teeth have from one and four canals. The number of canals, and other factors such as curvature of the tooth, determine how long the procedure will take. Front teeth have one canal and take less time than molars, which have four canals. Normally, the procedure can be performed in a few hours if there are no complications. Difficult cases require  more time and may require more than one visit. If the tooth is infected several visits are required to ensure total removal of the infection.

Preventative Care

While our patients can benefit from regular preventive care checkups, a good oral health care routine is what is necessary to prevent problems in your mouth.  We make sure that our patients are educated in the proper preventative care for their teeth at home. A high-quality oral preventative health schedule includes daily flossing, brushing with an ADA approved toothbrush, and a healthy diet.

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