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….Missing teeth?

Dentures may be the right solution.

Affordable Same Day Dentures…Solve your problems today.  Immediate Care.
Dentures with Extractions, New Dentures, Repairs and Relines while you wait.

Whether you have dentures and need to bring them up to date, or you are considering dentures, Mile High Dental Centers can provide you a natural looking set for a beautiful, confident smile. We can design your dentures for maximum comfort and beauty. Our experienced dentists will give you a great fit and a great look. Increase your confidence and smile all the time.

A full set of custom finished new dentures can be made if all original teeth are missing, or a partial denture can be crafted to replace missing teeth. We have the skill to create natural looking and comfortable new dentures on-site for our Denver metro area patients. Today’s advances in implant dentistry can make new dentures even more functional and retentive. A particular type of full or partial denture can be fabricated that will lock into dental implant posts that are placed into the jawbone. Implant supported dentures can substantially increase your chewing and speaking ability.  Dentures or Dental Implants used to replace your missing teeth will make you look younger.  The support they give your facial muscles helps prevent them from sagging, which benefits your appearance and your health.


Full New Dentures - are custom fit for every patient giving you a natural look and a comfortable fit.  Our premium denture service uses the highest quality materials, and teeth and will typically wear longer and be less prone to accidental breakage.

Denture Repairs - Having an on-site dental laboratory in Denver, allows us to do most denture repairs while you wait. Cracked dentures and tooth replacements usually take under an hour to repair in our full service denture laboratory. We have thousands of teeth stocked and can match any shape, size and shade tooth.
Partial Dentures - Unlike a full denture, partial dentures replace some of the teeth of a patient. Our partial dentures are custom fit to each patient for a natural look and comfortable fit.
Denture Relining - At our denture laboratory we refit a denture to compensate for natural changes in the oral tissue like bone and tissue shrinkage. Often, patients will notice a need for relining when their dentures become loose while eating. A lot of the time breakage and soreness are indications for the need of relining. We only perform top quality relines in our laboratory because we feel they are the best fitting and longest lasting type of reline.

6 hour reline service

When you schedule an appointment to get your dentures relined we can have them ready in 6 hours at our laboratory.  Soft denture relines are regularly suggested for people with pretty flat lower ridges and for people with chronic soreness of their lower ridge. We use a very high quality soft material which is manufactured to last for many years not like cheaper versions that get hard and brittle after several months. With soft denture reline service the denture has to be prepared for 8 hours.  We provide overnight service with this type of reline or same day service, if you arrange the service in advance.

Denture Repairs – We have an onsite dental laboratory which allows us to do the majority of denture repairs while you  wait. Teeth replacement and cracks usually take less than an hour to repair in our denture laboratory. We have thousands of teeth on hand and can match most any size, shape and shade of tooth.

We Provide all types of Denture Repairs:

  • Replace lost or missing teeth in dentures
  • Repair teeth broken out of dentures
  • Adding teeth to the partial dentures replacing extracted natural teeth
  • Adding metal support bars to your existing dentures
  • Repair fractures in dentures and dentures that are broken in half
  • Welding damaged metal partials back together

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